Friday, August 7, 2009

My intentions here is for all people to come to the understanding... That you are more then you know and you can find your true potential...

If you'll just be still and listen to the silent.
For all that you seek... and all that you find... Home, your home is where your heart is.
We are moving quite quickly into a new time and space. One of great promise, one of a Golden Age. There is a reason why WE are all here, right now at this moment. This is no longer the Age of what's in it for me. It is a time now which only LOVE will see us though and it will take each and everyone of us to do our part. What is your part?
Take a moment and remember a good friend...Someone who has touched your life and made such an impression... that when you think of them you just smile and maybe even give out a laugh or a giggle.
That is LOVE!
To truly feel LOVE we must allow ourselves to just be, to take a deeper breath and to raise our vibration to another level. Quite simply... your part in all of this is to be you , the real you, without outside influences. Be and live the joy that you feel and if you don't feel it?
Then be still yet again... and listen to the silent.

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